The Secrets of Joining New Orleans Second Line with Ease

new orleans second lineNew Orleans Second Line parade bubbles with tradition and apart from the usually funeral jazz and cemetery visit; you can learn the tradition behind it as they snake in the streets.

They are usually different second line put together during the march, but they all include a brass band, jubilant dancing in the streets, members checking out in brightly colored clothes, sashes, hats and mostly bonnets.

The parades are never tied to any function or event and they are held for their own goods; the sight of handkerchiefs and parasols waving in the air is something that will leave you breathless. This event is the cornerstone of locals and in particular the African- American community.

If you happen to be in New Orleans and you spot the parades marching in the streets, you can easily join in, but you will need to know a couple of things. It is good that you understand the importance of the second line on the march. In the march, the ones that are leading the parade are normally on the main line; the people that follow behind singing and dancing follow the second line.

The second lines were not planned in the past, but times have changed and people are notified for them to plan for the event. It is also good that you get to understand the background information of the parade and the history before the second line.

It is also crucial that you get to know when the second lines are formed and how you can get in the lines. In most cases the second lines are formed during weddings and other major celebrations around the city. The second lines are also open to all people regardless of race or color.second line

As a guest you will have to be respectful and understand as the band march down the street, there is an important event that is being attended. However, if you find a procession of a funeral, it is good that yu stand aside and watch. As you desire to see a parade or being in one, it is wise that you position yourself in a place that you can know when it happens.

You can get this information from local radios and you will get news on the second lines and all the stuff that you are to know. Lastly, safety is paramount; second lines are normally safe because they are accompanied by police. However, just like any other large party, there can be negative elements and it is up to you to be safe.

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