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Rap-Rock: A Fusion of Hip Hop and Rock Music

rap-rockRap-Rock music style is a special genre of music that combines both the instrumental as well as vocal constituents of hip hop blended the varied forms of Rock. The Rap metal and the rap core are the most famous sub-genres of Rap Rock which create a strong impact due to its orientation towards hard core punk blending heavy metallic stands. The Magnificent Seven was the first one that revolutionized this particular music form by combining the new wave of punk the hip-hop forms.

The description that was given about Rap Rock by the famous All Music was that this particular music genre included heavy riffs alongside huge beats that are lurching in style and is full of organic sound. The vocals in Rap Rock are more frequently rapped instead of being sung. The hip hop is the root of Rap Rock rhythms which incorporates a great deal of funk music making it more effective.

History and Growth

The Rap Rock music came to life in the early 1980. The earliest form of rap music had first appeared in the song “Year of the Guru” by Eric Burdon. In 1983, this form became famous in the song All Hell’s break in loose which was a part of the album named as “Lick it Up” released by the band known as “Kiss and Sung” by the famous Paul Stanley.

It was in the 1980’s this genre started to step into the mainstream. It was becoming a craze both in the British as well as the American world of music. The well-known Amer4ican rock bands that combined the rock and the hip-hop traditions were the Faith No More and 24-7 Spyz. The British bands that were popularizing the Rap-Rock band in Europe were “Senser” and “Pop Will Eat Itself”.

Popular albums

Some of the very well-known albums of this genre are the Rolling Stones and the Incubus. In almost all these albums there is a link between linkin parkfunk metal and the rap metal. A very well-known performer of this particular genre of music was Kottonmouth Kings who invented a style which popularized as the hip-hop punk rock.

The New York- based group the Beastie Boys are looked upon as the guru of the genre of Rap Rock. Among the other famous groups are the Kid Rock, Linkin Park Ever Last, Limp Bizkit and Senser.

This music genre has enthralled the music lovers with its extraordinary style and strong impact for many years now and expected to live in the hearts of the Rap-Rock fans for coming many years.